Pride Love


Earlier this month, I had the privilege of going to LA PRIDE’s 2023 music festival in downtown Los Angeles. The event had villages where you could get food, your face painted, and enjoy many other services provided. There was an open stage where they played great music and performers came out to dance.

On the main stage there were amazing performers. From Violet Chachki, King Princess, and to the Queen of Pop herself Mariah Carey. The festival did not disappoint. I forgot the name of the DJ, my apologies, but he kept the party going all day. It was truly a great day!

The beautiful, Violet Chachki

Headliner: Mariah Carey

From the moment we arrived at PRIDE to the moment we left, we felt the love around us. You instantly felt heard and accepted, no questions asked. I was in awe of the beautiful people there and their strength. The experience itself left an impact. It is something that I will truly not forget.  If you have not yet been to PRIDE, you should make a conscious effort to do so.


It is important to support the LGBTQ+ community and spread awareness. We need to remain vigilant in fighting for equality, civil rights, and inclusion of all people. I do not want to misspeak and apologize if I do.  You can support the LGBTQ+ year-round by getting involved in your local government and help create safe spaces.




For more information and to support, visit the following sources:


The Trevor Project 


As a friendly reminder, register to vote!


Images from L.A.'s PRIDE in the Park Music Festival are owned by Mari Rey.

"Happy Pride Month" and waving flag image was downloaded from Pinterest.


Cecy said…
Nice read, and awesome photos once again <3 buuuuut i love that added the additional links at the end of your blog. Can be very helpful for those looking for additional resources or just those who want to educate themselves and more self aware with the LGBTQ community, their rights, and even some of the hardships they come across.