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Returning from Sabbatical (II)

    It had been approximately thirteen or so weeks since my last menstrual cycle, but I had been so busy with work, chasing after the dog, cat, and hanging out with friends that I had not noticed. I was running around living my best life that I lost track of my cycle. I remember spending weeks thinking I was about to start my cycle. My breasts were tender for what seemed forever, but my cycle never started. I thought it was odd but blamed my hectic work schedule as the culprit for delaying my cycle and for the fatigue.     There were days I would come home from work and be asleep by 8:30. I did not know why I was growing more exhausted by the day, but pregnancy did not cross my mind. I knew I had a full plate and was over worked. I thought that perhaps I was wearing myself thin, but not asleep by 8:30 p.m. thin. ****   In December of 2021, I had asked my doctor to run tests to determine my hormone levels and egg count. To my disappointment, the results were not good. It turns o

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