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  ** Warning: This review contains mild spoilers! **   Emily Henry’s latest rom-com novel, Happy Place, is her best yet. The author’s seventh novel is centered around a group of friends and the couples within the group. The main characters Harriet and Wyn recently ended their engagement and have been keeping this a secret from the group until both can find the “perfect” time to break the news.   Overworked and emotionally drained, Harriet is excited to see her long-time best friends Sabrina and Cleo at her happy place: Sabrina’s father’s cabin in Maine. Since the three met in college, they have been inseparable. All coming from homes where they felt neglected, Sabrina, Cleo, and Harriet made a family of one another.   Harriet’s excitement to get a break from the hospital and spend quality time with her best friends is interrupted when she enters the cabin and sees her ex-fiancé, Wyn.     Taken aback, she is forced to smile and indulge her friends by seeming happy to see hi

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