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Lost Child

    My mother has always rejected the notion of Middle Child Syndrome. She would tell me it was an attempt by me to be dramatic and talk my way out of whatever mess I was getting myself into. Not only was I embarrassed that she did not believe me, but I felt misunderstood. When I approached her about feeling neglected and believing that it was because I was the middle child, she scoffed and told me to stop being dramatic. I learned that “acting out” and getting in trouble in school would get me the attention I longed for. Attention due to bad behavior was better than none. While my father struggled with his alcoholism for the first ten years of my life, my mother struggled not only raising him, but five children that had different needs. She did a great job providing us with the things our father felt short on, but it was overwhelming. She juggled a lot of balls and as best as she tried, she could not provide us with equal attention.   Whenever I voiced a desire or want, she woul

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