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Dirtbag, Massachusetts

Mari Rey’s Rating: 2.5/5 New York Times Bestseller, Isaac Fitzgerald’s memoir Dirtbag, Massachusetts is filled with essays that make your head spin. From a less than perfect childhood to joining the Free Burma Rangers (“FBR”), his life is complex and riddled with stories of turning to alcohol to numb the pain he’s carried his entire life. Fitzgerald’s escape from a tortured home life to private school is the first time he feels free. It is this sense of liberation that makes him crave keeping a safe distance from home. He takes you on his journey into young adulthood in San Francisco, seeking purpose in Burma, and coming full circle by moving closer to home as he starts healing from his childhood trauma.   I purchased this book while in Portland back in December and wanted to learn more about Fitzgerald as he struggled to find himself outside of his parents’ trauma that so deeply wounded him, leading to a young adult who struggled to find a sense of purpose.   I was compelled to r

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