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I have recently been upping my reading game. I am an active member of the book of the month club, which has a great selection of books and has introduced me to some amazing authors. I love reading paperback books – I love the feeling of a book in my hands, but with a hectic schedule, it can be difficult to grab a book and read these days.


Recently I have been using the Libby app to listen to books I have been meaning to read. Most recently I listed to Notes of an Execution, The Girl from Widow Hills, and Fire in Paradise. All three kept me hooked and company while I was driving to and from work.


If you are searching for books to read as we ease into autumn, I highly recommend you check out my reviews on each book below and jump into these amazing stories. 

Notes on an Execution: 


Ansel Packer is counting down the hours to his execution, a beautiful release from a life stained by mistakes and murder. In a different life, Ansel would be a good man, one capable of feeling…capable of loving.


Danya Kukafka’s Notes of an Execution is a riveting suspense novel about a serial killer and the impressions he leaves on the women in his life. Dive deep into the lives of these women as they share their disdain about the moment their lives were forever changed by Ansel Packer.


Notes of an Execution is an introspective novel about how one woman’s decision can change the trajectory of a child’s life. If you enjoy reading suspense novels, then you will thoroughly enjoy the story of Ansel Packer.


Follow a man that is haunted by the vague memory of his mother and crying brother. 

 The Girl from Widow Hills:


Arden Maynor thought she could start over, create a new life under a new alias and leave her questionable history in the past. She was dead wrong.


The Girl from Widow Hills is a suspenseful novel that unravels itself by lending us a perspective of what happened to Arden at six years old, the age she disappeared.

Arden wakes up from a deep sleep, but rather than waking up in her bed, she wakes up in her neighbor’s backyard. Fear pumps through her veins…it’s happening again. Fearful of her sleep walking episodes recurring, she desperately seeks help.


As she fights off sleep to avoid sleep walking, she begins to see things. Is this a symptom of her sleepless nights or something more sinister?


Dive into Megan Miranda’s novel as she teases your mind, and you race to unravel the truth surrounding Arden Maynor. You will be surprised what skeletons come back to haunt her.


Fire in Paradise:


A native of Northern California, Fire in Paradise broke my heart as it captured the heart wrenching stories from survivors of California’s deadliest fire to date. The Camp Fire decimated an entire town and killed 85 people; many others remain unaccounted for.


The fire that was sparked one warm November morning in 2018, surprising the people of Paradise as they fled town speeding down the Skyway to Chico, captured nationwide headlines as it swept through towns in the north state.


Fire in Paradise by Alastair Gee shares the history of the town that captured the nations heart as their dreams and town burned down in a matter of hours. Having lived only forty-five minutes away and spending time in Paradise in college, it is utterly heartbreaking to read the stories of the heroic efforts and about the lives shared in this book.



As mentioned above, Fire in Paradise hits differently when you know people whose lives were forever changed by the flames that engulfed an entire region. Nestled above the Skyway, Paradise is being rebuilt, but the burn scars will forever affect the lives of those in Butte county. I urge you to take the time and learn about a place dear to my heart.

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