Barreling Crafts

If you are looking for an easy DIY project and a place to have your packages stored when you are not home, then I have a fun easy project for you.

Since transitioning into a hybrid work schedule, I thought it would be a good idea to get a basket or container we can put on our porch where packages can be deposited. The last thing we want is someone to steal our packages.


I decided that I wanted something big enough for larger packages, but discrete enough to blend in with our porch décor. After searching for the perfect basket for a few weeks, I decided to make my own after coming home empty handed.


Over the weekend, while at Home Depot I found a 20-inch dark barrel planter that I thought would be perfect for my project. It’s an overall good size for small or large packages. Plus, this barrel was super cute, and I saw its potential. The next step was to buy garland and fake decorative plants that would create the illusion I envisioned.


I wanted to be as cost-effective as I could be while creating my “masterpiece.” I was happy when I found out the barrel’s price had been dropped from $24.98 to $14.98.  Home Depot for the win! Next, I went to Michaels and found a 6” long beautiful pink peony garland and a yellow berry bundle bouquet. Michaels is currently having a sale in their faux floral department, so I purchased the berry bouquet for half off. I just realized I was charged full price for the garland (sad face), but it should have been half off. To be continued…


Back in October/November I purchased leafy garland at Target from the dollar section for a table setting, which I never used. I decided to use it this time around to add dimension to this project.


I started by heating my glue gun and getting to work gluing the peonies onto the rim of the barrel. Once those set, I weaved the leafy garland through the peonies to add dimension to make it look “real.” I then took my pliers and started to trim the berry bouquet to add the pop of color it needed and for further dimension.

This project, from start to finish should take about 30 minutes to complete. The more dimension you add, the longer it will take. I had a lot of fun making this and having the company of my favorite dog “helping me.” I think it turned out great and I can customize it depending on the season. I see orange and red hues in the future.

Photo Credit: All pictures are Mari Rey Originals.