Yard Sale Haul


I recently went to my first yard sale ever!!  I had to stop because I saw this beautiful jacket that I thought I could wear to work while I was en route to Target.  I didn’t know what to expect, but she had some great suits, etc. that she was getting rid of. 


I brought my boyfriend along, and he decided to bring a backpack.  He said, “You’re not going to walk with just the jacket.”  He was right!  I ended up leaving with seven new pieces to add to my closet.  Two blazers, two dresses, and two shirts. 


I work in a professional setting, when not working from home.  The rule is usually to dress in business attire when there is a court appearance or client meetings.  Since COVID has derailed the way we do business, I have been comfortably going into the office in super “business” casual attire and sneakers.  They’re more comfortable than heels.


I am beginning to go into the office more often and want to dress in business attire since I will be seeing people again.  After not seeing most of my colleagues in over a year, I want to at least put some effort.  Lord know we all need a little boost, and I think I can achieve that boost by dressing up. 


I found this long black sleeve Kenneth Cole shirt that I absolutely love.  The material is light.  How chic is this?  I already wore it to work.  It’s sexy, it’s professional, it’s black!



I found this I.N.C International Concepts dress that I couldn’t leave behind.  It is a little to hot to wear right now but come fall it will make its debut.  I think pairing this with red heels, a sleek ponytail and dangling earrings will be perfect!


I couldn’t walk away without these two H&M blazers.  I like to add a pop of color to my wardrobe.  Blazers are versatile because you can dress them up or down depending on your mood. 



I really liked this long sleeve high wasted beige top.  I think it will look super cute with a high waisted skirt.  What sold me were the folded sleeves.  It’s super cute and I cannot wait to wear it!


I picked up this denim LRL Lauren Jeans Co. Ralf Lauren long sleeved top.  I like dressing comfortable and can lounge around the house in it.  After all, we are still in a pandemic, and I love to feel cozy.  A part of me thinks this is such a “mom” shirt, but I love it. 



Finally, I found this adorable cargo styled Old Navy dress.  I love the color, the cut, the style.  I like that I can wear it to work and dress it up with a nice pair of black pumps and gold jewelry, and dress it down wearing cute sandals. 


I think for my first yard sale I picked up some cute clothes that will last a long while since they are in good condition.  They may have only been worn a handful of times.  In total I spent $14.00 for all seven pieces!  I feel like I won the lottery…okay, maybe not the lottery, but I love the fact that I didn’t spend a lot of money on nice clothes.


I particularly cannot wait to wear the I.N.C. International Concepts dress.  I love a good black dress, especially a sleek black dress.  I’ll post a follow up picture when I wear it!