The UnHoneymooners

If you’re looking for a way to escape, then I invite you to read or listen to The Unhoneymooners.  It’s a story about a single woman, Olive Torres, who seems to have the worst luck imaginable in comparison to her sister, Ami. 


Recently laid off, Olive puts on a brave face to attend her twin’s wedding.  Unfortunately, it comes with spending the entire day with best man, Ethan Thomas.  The world’s biggest douche, according to Olive. 


The day begins with unpleasantries amongst the two and ends with food poisoning.  Her sister’s beautifully paid wedding, that she managed to pay for by winning a series of contests, ends with everyone, but Olive and Ethan, on the floor sick. As the evening evolves, her twin tells her she must go in her place to beautiful Maui and enjoy her honeymoon.


Olive, hesitant that the offer is too good to be true – after all she is the twin with bad luck – is delivered with the news that Ethan, her nemesis will be joining her on this paradise getaway.  It is too good to be true! 


The pair is now forced to be in each other’s presence, share the same space, and salvage whatever joy they can scrape up during this ten-day Hawaiian getaway.  The story continues to unravel with humor and Olive’s luck potentially changing. 


I personally enjoyed the story.  I am not that into romance novels, but this rom com won my heart over.  The budding romance, the sarcasm, the instant eye roll as the story twists and turns.  It is a great escape.


At times predictable, it is a quick read, and you will be laughing at Olive and Ethan’s awkward encounters.  You will root for the “couple” as they navigate their way through the island and learn to give each other a second chance.  They even manage to fend off ex-girlfriends while being on their faux honeymoon.


The first novel I have read by New York Times best selling author, Christina Lauren is a must read this summer.  Let the bad luck of Olive Torres lead you in and out of love.  Root, cheer, and sigh as this potential love story unfolds.