Beautification Project


I am determined to beautify my backyard.  I have been on a mission to transform the yard for almost a year and make it welcoming when we decide to host people.  As I am writing this, I wish I had taken pictures of the yard when I first started working on it.  *eye-roll

It is not in bad shape at all, just very green and a tree needs to be removed, which we are currently in the processing doing. Other than that, I want it to be a vibrant cozy place.  Get a hammock and make our backyard an additional living space where we can relax and enjoy the summer evenings. 

My latest project is in our driveway.  There is a narrow flower bed that previously had pokeweed growing, which is very poisonous humans and dogs.  I dug it out a while back and left it bare.  I honestly did not know what to do with the narrow space.  

While strolling through the garden center at Home Depot (my favorite store) I saw beautiful pink and purple hydrangeas and decided they would be a beautiful addition to my garden, but I didn't have any space in my current flower beds.  I easily resolved the issue by deciding to beautify the side of our driveway. 

I started by watering the ground and pulling out the dead weeds.  I decided to dig up the ground in this space to remove any deep roots that could sprout any bulbs/pokeweed that remained from what may have been there before.  I filled the space with fresh dirt and started measuring the distance between the hydrangeas and candle larkspur that I purchased to help fill the space. 

After a few hours of digging and pulling out thick roots, I started transplanting my flowers (see below). 

I am so proud of how it turned out and how vibrant this bare space now looks.  Hydrangeas and Candle Larkspur need lots of sunlight so this space works out well.  They get a blast of morning sun and shade in the afternoon. 

So far they are thriving and I can't wait the for hydrangeas to become lush.  I love hydrangeas and have always wanted them in my garden so I am very excited that they are finally part of my plant family.  Now onto the next project!