Sweet Peppers

Now that spring is here, it is time for flowers to bloom and bell peppers to sprout.  I am taking my chances on growing California Wonder and Carnival Blend peppers this year.  

This is my first time attempting to grow my own bell peppers and I am excited to see how green of a thumb I  have.  Over the past several months I have been keeping flowers alive and have been really cleaning the backyard to make it a nice space to hang out in once the warmer weather arrives.

Week two.

I planted these about three weeks ago and have been waiting for them to sprout.  I watered them one night and the next day these beauties had risen from their pods.  This is so exciting! 

I have to wait about three more weeks before I can transplant them outdoors.  In the meantime, they are sitting on the kitchen windowsill catching some rays and continuing to sprout.  I can't wait until they bloom! 

Week three.

I love the feeling of growing my own vegetables and fruit.  It makes me feel accomplished, and the tomboy in me still loves to play in the dirt.  I have had some help from Charles, as he loves keeping me
company and sun bathing. 

I cannot wait to share follow up pics of the progress my bell peppers make!