Oops, I did it Again!


New Years fashion.  I think the slippers tie it altogether.     

Okay, so I am not the best at being consistent when it comes to blogging.  I get a surge of energy and inspiration and then quickly get distracted with other responsibilities. 

I would like to be like those people that can do it all in one day: workout, work, post, feed the kids, run a 5k, etc.  The reality is, I am not and I am fine with that.  

I have, however, been busy working on other projects I hope come into fruition in 2021.  We can all agree that this past year has been a drab.  As happy as one may try to be during these trying times, you lose steam.  Being at home is nice, but a lot of things have been put on the backburner.

I have been pretty busy at work, taking on new responsibilities and trying to find balance between my old duties and the new ones.  Working remotely has been a challenge in the fact that my employer kind of expects me to be on call 24/7.  I want to believe he truly doesn't believe that, but it sure seems like it when my weekends get interrupted with urgent emails.  It has been disruptive to my life and my ability to truly disconnect from work.  I know I am not the only one experiencing this, so I am trying to learn how to navigate around this and disconnect to enjoy my life. 

Charles ❤ 
Charles, my handsome golden shepherd, is a handful.  He has had some health scares that have made us best friends with the veterinarian.  Thankfully, it hasn't been anything too dire - just expensive.  He is the most loving dog a girl can ask for.  I enjoy looking after him and buying him new toys and clothes.  It's nice to think about someone else.  As a thirty-six year old, I have become too comfortable with the single lifestyle.  Charles is teaching me how to be less selfish everyday. 

Things with the boyfriend have been good.  Have there been up and downs, 100%.  That's life, but fortunately I have found a partner where discussions can be had and they all come from a loving place.  Also, the types of things we disagree on are normal.  I have had exes that have picked fights with me over what I was making for dinner. Drama Kings! 

During this pandemic, I have started to explore trying new recipes, which includes trying new vegetables that I normally don't eat.  Like, leeks or eggplant.  I have enjoyed learning new recipes and switching things up around here.  

I am also taking on more gardening.  Something I used to do with my mom when I was young and living in apartments had been difficult to do.  Indoor plants are nice, but I would forget to transplant them into bigger pots when they outgrew their space and they would die.  Sad story.  Now, I have a backyard that I can use to attempt to grow flowers and tomatoes, etc.  

I have been blessed this past year, despite the downs of quarantine.  I try to focus on all of the positives in my life: my health, my job, my dog, my boyfriend, learning new things.  I love it all.  Often we tend to focus on the negative, which can lead us into a deep depression.  So when possible, be thankful for at least one moment, one person, etc.