After five years of doing my hair, I had to fire my hairstylist.  I came to the decision after I saw her posting misinformation related to POTUS 45.  I am usually not one to cut people off because of political differences.  I respect democracy.  I do, however, stand against racism.

Being a minority, the past four years have been riddled with such hate speech and attacks against the black and other minority communities.  I cannot, in my heart of hearts, support individuals who support POTUS 45 or believe that he did anything beneficial for our nation.

The posts came after the insurrection. The attack on our government, which provides us the freedom to post the crap she was posting.  It made me sick.  I thought, “She is married to a minority, is a minority, and has an infant child who is mixed.  What the hell?”  My mind raced because being American, and a minority, we have all been subjected to racism.  We have all been discriminated against because we are different.  To know someone who is supportive of hatred towards herself, husband, and child is scary.

It hurts to know that there are minorities who continue to support such a hateful person (POTUS 25) and may be blinded by their own self-hate.  I say this because there needs to be a part of you that is broken.  As a minority, I cannot fathom how one can support language that oppresses others.  You know, the same language we, as minorities, become enraged about when it is directed at our communities.


I had to ask myself if I really wanted to support small business owners or businesses in general who support such rhetoric.  Such language is damaging to their clients, the people who help them pay their bills, and I cannot in good conscious give my hard-earned cash to someone who, in the end, supports racism.

I understand that we must be careful when making such statements.  Perhaps she believes in his policies or truly believes he was good for our country.  I am focusing on the damage and divisiveness he left behind.  The communities where hate crime has risen and are left with the aftermath of POTUS 45.

At the end of the day, I must do what is best for me and stand up for the causes I believe in.  It is not easy to navigate through this world.  We all come from different backgrounds and belief systems. Although I do believe that we should all stand together in fighting against racism.  Our country has been ravaged by such hate that it is time to come together and appreciate each other for our differences.


Sometimes ending relationships can feel like a weight has been lifted.  In ending my relationship with my hairstylist, I realized how negative and toxic she really was.  There were signs that I had missed, which is natural, and in hindsight I am glad to leave her in the past.

No matter how talented someone is, it is not worth compromising my values for good hair.  Luckily, the world is full of talented humans that do not support hate speech.

I know I am not the only person who has had to cut ties with friends or family due to political differences.  How are you managing your relationships and what healthy boundaries are you setting for yourself when you are around people whose views do not align with your own?

If you are interested to know who supported POTUS 45, click here for a list.  I have included an article from New York Times that writes about the fallout following the insurrection.


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New York Times: