Welcome January?

This year, so far, has started off with violence and turmoil.  The friction in Washington fueled the events of yesterday.  The battle for power has hit a boiling point putting our freedoms at risk.  

The attempts of the both houses to confirm Biden and Harris as the next President and Vice President to prove to the world that our democracy will not be threatened sits very different this morning.  It is tragic that the events of yesterday had to happen in order for our representatives to awaken.  

The haze that has clouded their judgment to fulfill their personal ideologies and assert power has come at a great cost to us all, the republic.  Our voices were affirmed with the confirmation of Biden and Harris, but where do we go from here?  How do we start the healing process to get back on track and do the work necessary so that we are all treated equally under the laws the govern our great nation?  

This is difficult to process.  Americans terrorized our nation.  Americans threatened to attack our liberties - all for a racist tyrant.  

I am in a state of an emotional hangover that never seizes to escape me as long as the current "president" continues to be in office. Whatever your political views are, we can all agree that the battle for power and the heinous crimes that occurred in our nations capitol are despicable.  

I pray that our nation can heal from this and we come out stronger.  I pray that this dark day is never forgotten and that we all come together to continue to fight for our liberties and democracy.