September Colors

Sad Looking Wreath

As summer begins to wind down, I have chosen to begin warming up my home with fall colors.  I still can't believe that I have spent the majority of my summer indoors and have not been able to travel.  It's strange how quickly time has passed as we all try to help bend the curve of the spread of COVID.  Understandably so, I have tried to keep my mind focused on other things to maintain a healthy mindset.  I know how hard it is to do so with being asked to stay home and not being able to visit with family and friends.  That is why I have been focusing on writing, reading, DIY projects, watching shows I have not had time to watch, and other things to keep my mind from going to the dark side.  We are all or have all felt lonely at some point during the pandemic. Please, please, please know that things will get better and we are all in this together. 

With that said, I think it is important to change your environment- even just a little bit.  Whether it is changing the decor to keep things "fresh" or rearranging furniture.  It keeps you busy, tires you out, and allows you to feel a sense of change and accomplishment as we stay put.  

I keep a wreath on my front door year round and try to keep up with updating it as we transition into each season.  As you can tell from above, I have not done a very good job this year allowing it to look drab.  When I was at Target I found a beautiful purple eucalyptus wreath in their dollar section, which so happens to be in my favorite color and is a great transition color as we say goodbye to summer.  

My second stop was the 99 cent store.  I wanted to see what kind of decor they had that I could use to decorate my wreath.  I found these mustard purple autumn flowers with brown burlap.  They were tied to look like bows which I opted to wrap around to the back side of the wreath so it would not clash with my purple burlap bow.  How pretty is that!?! 

Total amount spent: $7.48.

After a few cute distractions, I secured the eucalyptus leaves to one side of the wreath and secured the autumn colored flowers to the other side for contrast.  I absolutely love the way this turned out.  It was fun to get into the autumn state of mind and have a cute assistant approve the end product.  I am now ready for autumn!