Monday Express

I have not been procrastinating writing for my blog, I have been bogged down with work responsibilities.  With that said, I have finally found time to check in and share a few words. 

This past weekend has been one of reflection.  We lost a magnificent woman who fought for all of our rights.  She, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was a beacon of hope that continued to fight for our freedoms until the very end.  I have yet to process this great loss.  Words don't seem to be enough for RGB. 

I spent some time with my boyfriend's family this weekend, which was time nicely spent.  I will say, I am looking forward to this upcoming weekend and hope to be able to spend some quality time by myself.  The past week has been hectic and I feel like I need space to collect my thoughts and eat ice cream. 

I hope to be able to write later this week and share more about my crazy quarantine life with you all!