Labor Day Vibin'


Labor Day weekend marks our transition into autumn and cooler days.  It's bittersweet to think that summer is almost over.  I am a summer girl who enjoys sitting under the hot sun and the long days.    This past weekend, I enjoyed the summer heat by barbecuing and laying out under the sun.  

Social distancing was fortunately easy since the temperatures reached a boiling 115ยบ and hardly anyone dared to go outside.  I had my handy dandy sunblock at the ready and took advantage of the pool as my boyfriend and I remained in our corner.  

The weekend was spent eating happily and jumping in the pool to cool down.  I was able to catch up on some projects I've been wanting to do and buy new flowers for my growing garden.  I picked pomegranates and am excited to try out new recipes.  

I also realized that this is the first summer that I did not obsess over my summer body and was able to manage my weight and rock a bathing suit.  It was a no pressure summer which resulted in healthier eating habits and less stress.  I am guilty of being a stress eater. 

After spending a long relaxing weekend with my boyfriend, I am ready to get back to writing and working. I am also looking forward to autumn and learning new recipes to share with you all.