The Officer's Wife


I get sucked into binge listening to podcasts during the day while working from home.  I enjoy learning about new criminal cases, mysteries, and events that I have not yet heard about.  Recently, I binged listened to The Officer's Wife

Young mother of two, Jessica Boynton is found lying on the floor of her closet shot in the head and barely hanging onto life as paramedics rush to save her life.  Officer's are quick to rule the shooting a suicide.  A claim Jessica's family and friends refute profusely. 

Why would a young woman who had so much to live for and adored her children turn a gun on herself?  More questions arise when the couples history of volatility and claims of abuse surface.  Friends start sharing details of Jessica's plan to divorce her husband, a decision she made days before being found bloodied on the floor.    

Did I mention that Jessica was married to police officer Matthew Boynton?  The on duty officer rushes home after receiving worrying text messages from his wife and radios for help when Jessica is non responsive.  From the start, the investigation seems to be mishandled.  

Could it be possible that someone wanted to murder her?  A suspicion that only seems to be heightened when Officer Boynton suspiciously rushes to move himself and the children from the couples residence as Jessica lays in a hospital bed fighting for her life. 

This 2016 case remains under scrutiny by locals.  The case is reignited when Boynton's mistress and a whistle blower expose Boynton and the involvement of other officer's attempt to cover and protect their own. 

This Vault & 11Alive production can be streamed on Spotify

Important note: Nearly 10 million people are affected by domestic violence a year.  It is an epidemic that affects approximately 20 people per minute in the U.S.  In California, 94% of victims from murder-suicides are female.  Of those murder-suicides, 72% involve intimate partners. This is a crisis that cannot be ignored.  If you or someone you know needs help, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).