Sunray Babe

My boyfriend and I decided to take a little road trip up the coast a few days ago.  I needed a break from the city and my current surroundings.  Staying put for the past four months is starting to wear on me.  BUT I will try not to complain. 

California Sunshine 

Twenty-twenty has not turned out to be the most adventurous year thus far.  Instead of being down about canceled travel plans, I am trying to take advantage of the surrounding area.  I live in a state with a widely varying geographical climate and should at least make the best of discovering my own state.  

I decided to visit Ventura County.  It's close enough for a quick day trip and far away enough from the concrete jungle I have made my home. I enjoyed sitting under the sun and taking in the ocean breeze.  

I like escaping to the ocean to clear my mind.  Staying in one place for too long has affected me, as it has many others.  I enjoy my home life and am doing my very best at staying home and keeping myself and others safe during the pandemic. It can and does take a mental toll so it is very important that we take care of ourselves during this time in our lives. 

The visit to the beach was the fix I needed!!  We were able to social distance from others and others were cautious to keep a safe distance from one another.  I was happy to see that beach goers were not congregating and keeping to themselves. It's quite easy to be able to enjoy outside activities and keep a distance.  It was quite a relief.  After watching the news and hearing information to the contrary, my anxiety subsided. 

I had never been to Ventura and I will admit, it's much cleaner than others I have been to in recent history.  The white sand was so welcoming and the scent of the ocean was very relaxing.  I cracked a book open and enjoyed the sun kissing my skin. 

After the beach, we walked through the main street to see if we could find something to eat.  It was a little too crowded for my liking and yes people were wearing their masks!  We decided to order delicious Mexican food from De La Cruz.  My goodness, their chicken fajitas are the best I have had!  If you are in the area, I highly recommend you order from them.  It's the best Mexican food I have had in Southern California.  Authentic, savory, and a must try! 

I will admit, I missed the beach the second I got home.  Who wouldn't?!?  I look forward to more trips and sharing with you all.  

Happy Friday!! 

Side note:  Support local restaurants (when possible) and order pick up or take out.  It's important that we all support one another in whatever way we can.  We are all suffering in one way or another.