Singing into Monday

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went to pick up a bed frame and found this amazing piece that I could not walk away from.  The 1904 Singer sewing machine is in much need of love to get back to working shape, but I could not leave it behind as it was sitting in the sun.  

I think after a little sanding and staining, the surface will be revived and be returned to somewhat of an original state.  This baby needs to recover from the sun damage it suffered while it was waiting to be rescued.  With a little further research, which I have yet to do, I want to find the parts that this vintage babe needs to come back to life. 

For now, I am using it as a decorative center piece in my main room.  This worked out perfectly since I needed a home for my lamp that was sitting in a closet and one for the roses my sweet eighty-five year old neighbor dropped off for me.  

So far, I am enjoying combing my style with my boyfriends, but it does come with its hiccups.  We don't always agree and I roll my eyes a lot as he tries to justify some of his decorative choices.  😂  I was so blessed to have convinced him to take this vintage piece home.  His reluctance was not easy to navigate around, but I asked him to trust me and it worked out! 

I like to combine modern with vintage together.  It adds charm and character to any room.  New is a great way to go when you're purchasing couches, but you have some wiggle room when finding the perfect center piece, coffee table, etc. Especially when you can bring something back to life and give it a home.  And who doesn't like a good DIY/refurbishing project?