Salon Mari?

During quarantine, I've been pushed to do things I wouldn't normally do.  For instance, cutting my boyfriends hair. 
It's been a few weeks since he last had his haircut - when salons were reopened for a few weeks.  It has since become unruly and I was given the task of taking hair clippers and shears to his hair.

I was a bit nervous seeing that he can't hide any screw up I may make the way I can with my curly hair.  If I cut some pieces too short, it will blend in the mess of my curly hair.  Men don't have that luxury. 

Rather than being over confident and just ruining his hair, I took the task on very meticulously and may have taken longer to cut his hair, but I wanted to make sure that it was done right.  Especially since I was going to have to stare at his head for however long it takes his hair to grow back.  

After this tedious task, he was impressed with my talents.  A talent I was not aware I had!  I am happy I have a happy boyfriend who is pleased with the job I did. Moving forward, I am sure I will be more confident and perhaps speed up the process.  Plus, it was a good bonding experience because we were able to talk - I was his salon therapist - and we both enjoyed the experience. 

I think it is easier to shy away from taking on challenges you're not normally asked to do.  Saying "no" comes naturally when we may not necessarily be used to challenging ourselves, but not every challenge has negative results and even when they do, we walk away with lessons learned.  I have enjoyed being pushed to try new things while in quarantine.  Quarantine has forced me to slow down and take on things that only makes me a better rounded individual. 

We will see how many more talents I discover moving forward.  Who knows, I may take up being a hair stylist on the side!