Flower Love 🌼

I've always had a passion for gardening. I have fond memories of helping my mother transplant flowers into flower beds and playing in the sun as a little girl.  I love the feeling of dirt in between my fingers!  I know, weird.

I recently moved and am fortunate to have a backyard, which means I can get back into gardening.  Yay me!! With this new found ability I have decided to beautify my new living space by adding a splash of color. 

My boyfriend had an abandoned old white wired shelf that was in need of love.  Rather then getting rid of it I thought it would be wonderful to decorate with flowers. I headed to Walmart and was pleasantly surprised to find beautifully vibrant colored flowers.  

I found vincas, which my mom has had in previous gardens. They're delightful flowers that put a big smile on my face.  I, of course, had to get the pink and purple combination because I love the color purple! I chose to transplant them into bigger flower pots to give them room to grow. 

These flowers are perennials, which means they should come back and bloom next year.  These are easy to maintain.  I water them at least twice a week, which has kept them alive and they have even started blooming new flowers.  I have read that these can be invasive, so I will make sure to keep an eye out for them and try to keep them under "control."


I found celosia flowers or cock's comb.  I like how tall they stand and how vibrant they are.  I planted them in a flower bed as well.  They are so pretty!  I water these at least three times a week.  They seem to need a little more water than the vincas.  I check the ground around each plant before I water them.  It prevents over watering and killing ones garden.

These too are perennials, depending on the region where you live.  They do well in warmer climates, which makes me hope they survive through the winter and bloom next year.  *wishful thinking*

French Marigold

French marigolds always add a sunshine to your garden.  They are annuals, which means they will die in one season.  While they remain alive, they are great for your garden.  They radiate chemicals into the soil and defend themselves and the surrounding plants from harmful bugs.  I read they are best to plant alongside tomatoes and potatoes. These also keep mosquitoes away!!  Hooray! 

I've had fun tending to my garden and watching these flowers blossom and get bigger as the days pass.  I am going on a search for new flowers in the next week or so to add to my collection.  Gardening has helped me feel productive.  It's kept me positive and optimist as the days start melting into one while staying quarantined. 

I think doing things or taking on hobbies that are manageable is important.  We need to find ways of maintaining our psyche and prevent depression.  It is easy to be negative and grow anxious as we long from some sort of normalcy.  As we are all coping and adjusting, we need to reignite passions we set aside because life got too hectic.  Read, write, sing, garden, bake!  Whatever your passions are, it's a good time to explore them.