Cup This

I have been going to my chiropractor for a little over two years and the benefits of going to her are miraculous.  

In my teens I played soccer and broke my ankle that changed my gait forever.  I didn't really feel the effects of that injury until my twenties, which I ignored.  After years of suffering from knee pain I decided to go to a medicine doctor. 

I went to physical therapy for about a year which relieved some of the pain while I practiced exercises and body movements that I learned along the process.  Needless to say, I still had minor pain and it was only exacerbated when I started going to Orange Theory.  

I remember feeling limited and becoming frustrated as I struggled to find a regimen that would help in meeting my fitness goals.  Luckily, my chiropractor was invited by the studio to share the benefits of being adjusted regularly and the positive impacts to your immune system. 

I have luckily been able to keep up my visits to my chiropractor during COVID.  Being adjusted boosts your immune system, which is especially needed as we all learn to navigate through this pandemic.  I have noticed that since beginning my chiropractic treatments, my immunity has become better.  I used to get sick more often and am so relieved that I don't catch a cold at the sight of someone blowing their nose! 

My career requires that I sit at a monitor for the majority of my day.  This causes poor posture and tense shoulders.  Pair that with reviewing documents that are sometimes thousands of pages long, it causes me to slouch. Even worse, I get locked in and forget to get up and stretch, which is very important to do so that our bodies don't stiffen. 

My adjustments help with the tension I feel throughout my body, particularly my shoulders.  It's an instant relief.  On my last visit, I asked if we could do a session of cupping therapy to further alleviate the stress in my shoulders.  I am one stressed out chick! 

If you have never tried this kind of therapy, I highly suggest it (as long as your doctor recommends it).  This type of therapy increases blood flow and helps reduce pain.  You can experience mild discomfort when the cups are first placed on your skin, but only because it feels strange.  The discomfort fades quickly as the therapy begins to do it's magic.  

The only "side effect" is the circular markings you see after your session.  These markings typically fade within the week, but the relief you feel throughout your body is so worth it!  I cannot wait to go back for more.