The Butterfly Era

If you're a fan of Mariah Carey then you know that she has been releasing EP's every Friday to mark the thirty-year anniversary of being in the business.  I, of course, have been a fan of hers since I was five and absolutely love her music!  I always say that she wrote the soundtrack to my life!  

Today she released EP's of her Butterfly album, which is my favorite album!  The R&B album solidified her ability to merge two genres together sharing her love for Hip-Hop with her fans.  If you have never listened to this album in its entirety, (1) what are you thinking?!; (2) I you need to go to Spotify at once and listen to it . . . like now!  

Breakdown, Honey, Butterfly, My All, and The Roof were released and have mixes of each hit, which are to die for!   The My All EP has a live version of the song, which she has admitted is a difficult song to sing live because it's sung in a high register that I cannot get enough of.  I'm absolutely loving the Mo' Thugs Remix of Breakdown.  It has extended Bone Thugs-n-Harmony bars . . . love!  

Nineteen-Ninety's hip-hop group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony was all the rage and people were excited to hear about this collaboration back in the day!  So I am super excited that this extended version is finally available! 

As fans, we all have our favorite Mariah era.  Mine is the Butterfly one.  I remember listening to this album nonstop - to the point my parents had to maybe express their deep desire of having me take a "break" from the album.  It didn't happen.  

As I sit here blaring the Honey Remix, I am taken back to those days of wanting to straighten my hair to look like hers.  I was a hot mess!  She's ICONIC, who wouldn't want to look like her?