Girls in White Dresses

For the past couple of years I have made a list of books I am interested in reading.  I have used the excuse of having a busy city life for reasons why I haven't read as much as I would have wanted to.  Well, now that we have been quarantined, I thought I would make a better effort to read.  Recently, I was introduced to Libby, an app that allows you to borrow e-books from your local library.

I dove in and discovered that you can borrow audiobooks as well.  This intrigued me because I could work and listen to a book while being productive during the day.  Kill two birds with one stone type of deal.  With Libby, the world is at the tip of my fingers.  One of my first choices was Girls in White Dresses.  A nice coming of age book that follows Isabella and her friends as they navigate through the hardships of relationships and the pressure that all women face when it comes to getting married.

It chronicles major life changes that effect relationships and how real relationships never end.  They get put on hold, a slight pause for growth for one party and how one doesn't miss a beat once reunited.  It's a story about how women, no matter the distance or chaos in their lives, find their way back to one another and learn from one another.  They bond together to combat the pressures we, as women, face our entire lives.

I enjoyed that it was a story about women.  It chronicled career struggles.  The way women can feel inept compared to one another, the pressure we feel to have it all and be the best at everything without a single piece of hair out of place! Most importantly, how women strive to be seen, heard, and respected. 
If you have the time, you should purchase this book or read/listen to it on Libby.  This is definitely a book I will be adding to my library.