Canyon Living

Appreciating the view.

Last weekend trails were reopened in Los Angeles, marking it the beginning of some normalcy since the country was shut down in March.

It's been an adjustment in avoiding these once easily accessible trails or even going to the beach to breathe in some fresh air.  It has made me grateful and appreciative of what once was, and thankful for this "trial run" by our local government in reopening access to local trails and now beaches.

Hi buddies! 
I decided to go to Franklin Canyon Park located at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains.  It was nice to get back to nature and soak up some sun.  I hiked through the mild trails and enjoyed being outdoors alone.  I find it peaceful to get lost with nature's sounds.

I hit the "lake" on the grounds and said hello to some turtles and ducks.  I wanted to name them all and take them home, but decided it was best they stay in their natural habitat (sad face).

It is a nice place to visit if you are not an avid hiker or hate inclines (like me).  The trails have bearable inclines (slow ascent) for people like me who avoid them like the plague.

Enjoying the wide open trails!

It's a nice place to take your family or if you just want to be outdoors for a nice stroll and want to feel like you're in the wild. 

With the weekend here, I am looking forward to being out and about again.  Of course, I will be taking precautions as we adjust to the new norm of wearing masks.  Make sure to bring your own trash bag if you pack snacks as trails/parks are not in full operation and it is up to us (as always) to keep nature clean and be responsible for ourselves and trash!