Dating Short

I went on a date a few months ago with a really nice gentleman.  I used one of those online dating apps to connect with him and we quickly decided to get together for drinks. For the sake of privacy, I will name this gentlemen Cameron.  He had jet blue eyes and could carry a conversation.

We ended the night with a hug and I went on my merry way.  We have not connected again.

Where did it go wrong?  Was it the fact that I dressed like a grunge kid and rocked a Marilyn Manson beanie?  Was it the fact that I used Google to cheat during trivia?  The possibilities are endless, but quite frankly, this is the name of the game for online dating.

To start with, his profile stated he was taller than he actually was.  I wore about 3 inch heels and I am 5'1" and was taller then Cameron.  No big deal.  I found it odd that someone would lie about their height, but I am not going to judge him (too hard).  We are all self-conscious over one thing or another so I didn't mention it.

My inner thoughts, however were running wild and I had to zone them out to be present. We jumped right into conversation and that was the end of it.  The spot we met up at happened to be hosting trivia night and he suggested we join.  I obliged fully disclosing that I am the worst at trivia.

So we participated and I decided to have some assistance during some of the questions. He didn't seem too pleased with the way I was choosing to play.  I believe he called me a cheater several times and said that cheating was bad.  My response, I think we will be okay.

I think it's important to take it easy!  It's a game.  I'm not going to cheat to the point where I beat everyone.  So much for being playful and having fun. So I noted that he likes to play by the rules and is probably one of those walk the line types of personalities, which often times does not mesh with my free spirit, the world isn't going to end if I use Google to seek the answer kind of personality.

Regardless, the night progressed and we came in dead last.  I told ya'll I'm bad a trivia!  We walked next door to check out the vibe and decided to call it a night.  To be honest he was a nice guy, but I wasn't interested.  It's nice to put yourself out there and meet interesting people (always in a public setting ladies). I wish Cameron good luck on his journey in finding love and happiness.