For the past couple of years, I have tried and tried to create content for my blog.  It has gone through name changes, content changes, ignored, renewed, and abandoned.  I can sit here and list all of the reasons why I have started and not followed through.  Ultimately, this blog has been with me through the highs and the lows and at times it was controlled by another person.  I wasn’t allowed to express my true self and share with everyone what was really happening in my life.

The past two years, I have been through a huge and healthy transition in my life.  It started when my ex and I split.  I felt the heartache, mourned the loss, and began anew.  I was thankful to start therapy and begin the shedding and healing that my soul needed.  I was forced to see my life and the decisions I had made to get myself in the hole that I was, to begin digging myself out and start focusing on the things that I needed.  I started participating in the things that I enjoyed.  I rediscovered my passions, my loves, and have worked hard at maintaining.

Of course, this transition wasn’t easy as I tend to explain it to be at times.  There were a lot of tears shed, ties that were cut, and I sat in silence.  For the first time, I listened to the little girl I was drowning.  All of the fears I had in regards to listening to that girl were false.  I needed to hear and heal her.  This process of self-discovery has been nerve-wracking and at times numbing.

I have enjoyed living and writing this new chapter in my life.  I cannot wait to share the experiences of dating in L.A. and making amazing connections that will last a life time.